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Q1: 02,M,S,L .What are the differences between these series?

  • Different appearance, different power
  • 02 is a low-power model with short pitching distance. (about 1-12 meters, 10-50km/h)
  • The M series is a medium-power model with a projection distance (about 2-20 meters, 20-100km/h)
  • S and L series are high-power models with projection distance (more than 3-30 meters, about 120km/h) 

Q2:What is the difference between L and S series

  • Different appearance
  • Different materials:L series shell material is ABS, S series shell material is HDPE
  • Different battery installation methods:The L series battery is external, while the S series battery can be installed in the machine. It has a side cover that can be opened to remove the battery.
  • Different lever positions: The tie rod of the L series is at the rear of the machine, and the tie rod of the S series is at the bottom of the machine.

Q3:The difference between Function 5 and 6

  • Function 5: 5 different lines, each line with 2 depth settings, totaling 10 distinct positions. 
  • Function 6: 7 different lines, each line with 4 depth settings, totaling 28 distinct positions. 

Q4:What special features does Jbotsports have that would make me choose it?

  • We have various power models to choose from, which can be matched with different functional models.
  • Voltage balancing: When the battery power is low, the difference in ball speed can be reduced.
  • Turntable reversal: When the ball in the ball basket is stuck, the turntable will rotate in the opposite direction to ensure continuous use.
  • Automatic stop: When there are no balls in the machine, the machine will automatically stop to save power. It also has the effect of safe use.
  • Service optimization: We provide sales and services in most countries and regions, and solve customer problems online through WhatsApp.
  • After-sales service: We provide all parts and provide photos and videos of user replacements.