The History of Jbotsports

The History of Jbotsports

The Jbotsports tennis machine was built in 2011 by Kevin Zhou, an automotive engineer who loves tennis. 

One day his old tennis machine stopped working and unable to contact the manufacturer, so he decided to fix it himself. During the maintenance process, he has found that many designs could be optimized and add more automated control functions. That's when he decided to build his own tennis machine.

The team building

He told his tennis partner, Frank Lee who was an engineer of industrial automation control systems and became very interested in the matter after hearing the idea. At this point, key members of Jbotsports' product team are already in place. With the technology they have mastered, they hope to build a tennis machine that can be a perfect training partner.

Continuous improvement and improvement

In 2012, after the first prototype was manufactured in the garage, I shared it with many ball friends for trial use. This machine can control ball speed, rotation, direction and height, and different directions can be combined to simulate many different game scenes, and at the same time, it can meet the training of movement pace.

After listening and accepting the suggestions of many trial users and tennis coaches, the product has also been optimized for many functions and performance.

Control and use

In the beginning, Jbotsports' products were remote controlled , but they could not meet the needs of different training content. Therefore, after 2020, Jbotsports began to make mobile phone APP version of the model, so that programming training mode can be carried out more easily. Relying on the improvement of Bluetooth technology at present, the mobile phone control can reach a distance of 50 meters, fully meeting the needs of players.

Geared to the needs of the market

Jbotsports sold its first tennis machine in January 2013, and it quickly became a bestseller. Good function, quality, portable and affordable, praised by customers.

Fully programmable for training, Jbotsports is the best tennis machine for professional tennis players, tennis coaches, casual tennis players and families.

The future vision

Jbotsports will continue to be committed to the production of tennis machines. Foucas on product, pay attention to quality. Hope to become the top three tennis machine brands in the world.

We really hope to get feedback and suggestions from customers so that Jbotsports will grow better.