Machine won't start (no power to machine - no sound, no initialization (boot sequence), service wheel not spinning) A\B\C\D
The machine fails to serve and the REST button on the switch panel pops out A
Machine powers on but stops at initialization (boot sequence), possibly accompanied by beeping alarm E
The machine starts up normally and serves continuously without interval time F


Cause Solution
A If the ball becomes lodged in the machine, the service wheel motor will stop.
This safety feature is to protect the motor from damage.
Check to see if the top or bottom motor trip button on the control panel pops out.
Take out the ball in the service wheel inside the machine, and then press the REST button on the switch panel.
B The battery connector is not plugged into the machine Open the battery cover on the side of the machine, and insert the plug of the battery into the socket of the machine
C battery damage Use the charger to plug in the machine, and then turn on the power of the machine. If the charger can initialize the machine normally, but the battery can not initialize the machine normally. Then the battery is damaged.
D Switch failure, circuit protector failure When neither the battery nor the charger can initialize the machine normally
E The orientation sensor connector is loose,
After the machine is bumped or shaken for a long time, it may cause the connectors to become loose
Plug the orientation sensor cable back in
F tee position not set reset tee position


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